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Dear Parents,

You are vital to your child's soccer success and fun! The PA Rush Intramural Program is a parental structure that provides administration and supervision for the activity of community soccer. We rely on the the help of volunteers like yourself. As a member of the Club, each family is expected to fulfill a volunteer position listed below, and indicate which one you choose at registration. We appreciate your help and support. If you cannot offer your time as a Volunteer, PA Rush asks that you contribute $50 to the Intramural Program. We thank you for your involvement and support!

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For Parents

Intramural Soccer - Parent Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Each age group needs to have a group of volunteer coordinators which basically mirror the Club Board. Because the families of similar aged kids move through the program together, each age group's parents parents become a well integrated team. It is hoped volunteer will keep these roles as they continue through the program.

Age Group Coordinator(s): One or more persons required

Age group coordinator is generally responsible for the smooth operation of his/her particular age group.  This person sets up the initial "age group kick-off meeting where coaches and kids are assigned to teams. Address concerns of coaches and parents and represents the special needs of this age group to the PA Rush Board. Reports to the Club Intramural Coordinator.  

Equipment Coordinator

At beginning of season, helps make up equipment bags for the teams in his/her age group.  Distributes bags at the start up meeting.  Gets all the equipment back at end of season, returns it to the shed and makes up an inventory of what needs replacing. Reports to the Club Equipment Coordinator. 

Age Group Field Coordinator

At beginning of season organizes the "field set up day" with all the general field crew from his/her age group where the field(s) are set up and lined. Makes schedule assigning teams their responsibility for re-lining of field during season. Reports to the Club Field Coordinator.

Game Day Coach

Coaching is perhaps the most rewarding and satisfying way to contribute. This is time spent on the field with your child and his friends.  If you like kids, then do not hesitate to be a coach.  Experience is not required. There is plenty of information available to help you.  Coaches, without you, there is no opportunity for the kids.

Team Communications Manager

Write up team activities 2-3 times during the season. Write-ups to include players name and to include who made a good pass, who had a proper throw in, who had a goal, who scored a goal with their head, who scored a goal with their weaker foot, who demonstrated good sportsmanship, who demonstrated the love of the game and any other team activities. These reports should be submitted to the age group coordinator.

Team Manager

Coordinate team snack schedule and end of year party.


Referees are a very important part of the game.  Refs get to interact with kids in a very positive way.  They are "on-field" teachers.  Remember, in Intramural to object is to maintain fun, safe environment for sportsman like competition.  Soccer is a game of very limited rules.  The Club will provide training.  Experience is not required.

General Field Crew

At beginning of season "field day," participate in layout, setup and lining of your age group fields.  During season, re-line your team field when it is your team's turn.  During season, take your turn helping the referee with sideline flags.

Equipment Crew

Assist Equipment Coordinator with making equipment bags, placing nets on goals, securing goals to ground and moving goals to specified locations at end of season.


Practice Trainer Assistance:
Parents will be provided a sign up at the beginning of the season.  You will select the training to participate in, and you will work with the Trainer to help provide a safe enjoyable training session.

Game Day Coaches U5-8
Parents are needed on Saturdays to be coaches. 

U5 players will work with trainers for 30 minutes.  Then they will be divided into teams to play a soccer game for 20 minutes.  Parents will be used to help during the games.  One parent from each team will be on the field and one parent from each team will be on the side line to sub players.

U6 players will be divided into teams when they arrive to the field on Saturdays. Parents will be signed up at the beginning of the season to be a coach on game days. As a coach, you will be assigned a team on your given date. Your child will be on your team. You will manage the game for that Saturday.  You will stand off the field, managing the players and the subs.

U7-8 players will be on assigned teams. This is done after the players are evaluated.  There will be two parents assigned to each team to be game day coaches.  The game day coaches will receive the names and emails of their players.  You can select a team name with your players.  You will be given the same color T-shirt as your players.  When you arrive to the field on Saturdays you will go to your assigned field, wearing your team shirt and your players will locate you. 

You will warm your players up.  During the game, you will station yourself on the side line with your subs.  You will manage your team, subbing players frequently provided equal game time for all. The team will play two 20minute games against two separate teams.

Team Managers: U7-8
One parent will be assigned to each team. You will be provided the players names and email address.  You will coordinate a snack schedule for the Saturday games.  Snack will be handed out at the end of the hour.  There will be no snacks provided during the games.

Field Crew: 
The field crew volunteers will assist with pre and post season set up of goals/nets on the fields.  In addition, there will be a weekly field lining schedule sign up that will be sent out in the beginning of the season.  Two volunteers will be needed weekly to line the soccer fields.

Field Coordinator:
One person is needed to coordinator the field crew schedule.  You will be provided with the volunteers’ names and emails.  You will set up a Sign up Genius for the volunteers to sign up.  You will send out weekly reminders.



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