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Adult League Rules & Regulations

1.    Rules of Play

a.     Games will be played according to standard FIFA rules, except as noted elsewhere in these rules.

b.     All players must play the ball at all times and not the body.  We need to avoid situations which could cause potential bodily injury.  The referees will be calling the games by the rule of the law.  It is the responsibility of the captains to make sure each player, each and every game, is aware and understands the rules of the sport.

c.      Slide tackling of any type is not permitted in this league.  It is at the referees’ discretion whether the tackle constitutes an accidental or intentional challenge, as described below.  Offenses will result in the following actions by the referee:

                                               i.     Any “accidental” slide tackle will result in the issuance of a yellow card to the player performing the tackle. Yellow cards may be reviewed by the league, especially in cases of accumulation (see Rule 8)

                                              ii.     Any “intentional” slide tackle, as well as any “from behind” slide tackle, will result in an issuance of a red card to the player performing the tackle. All red cards will be reviewed by the league representatives to determine if further punishment is warranted (see Rule 8).

d.     Players are allowed to slide at any time when there is no opponent making a play on the ball. Examples of permissible slide tackles include:

                                               i.     Saving a ball from going out of bounds when an opponent is not near

                                              ii.     Saving a ball from crossing the goal line

                                            iii.     Sliding to play a pass or shot when in the clear

e.     Foul or abusive language directed at any other player or referee will result in an automatic red card for the player.  All red cards will be reviewed by the league representatives to determine if further punishment is warranted (see Rule 8). Incidental foul language, if heard by the referee, may result in a yellow card to the offender, at the discretion of the referee.

f.      Goal keepers must adhere to normal FIFA rules, including going to the ground within their box. Hands allowed inside the box; punts, drop-kicks and throws are permitted; hands not allowed on obvious passes from other players on their own team via feet or throw-ins; 6 second ball holding max.

g.     Requirements for fielding a team:

                                               i.     Eleven (11) players make an official team.  At least two (2) female players must be fielded at all times. If a team cannot field at least two (2) female player, then they must play players down as follows: If only one female is on the field, then the team must play one (1) player down. If no females are on the field, then the team must play two (2) players down.  Exceptions to said rule may be applied only if both captains agree and notify the referees.

                                              ii.     A team may play with a minimum of eight (8) players before forfeiting. If a team cannot field 8 players 15 minutes after the scheduled game time, then they will forfeit. (Reference Rules 6B)

h.     Unlimited substitutions (players and goalkeepers) may be made by both teams at the following times, but ONLY after the referee has given permission:

                                               i.     A “6-yard” kick

                                              ii.     After a goal is scored prior to play resuming

                                            iii.     On any team’s throw-in

                                            iv.     On an injury


2.    Fighting and Violent Behavior

a.     Any player involved in a fight or other violent behavior, including shoving another player or an intentional malicious tackle will receive a red card.

b.     Any player involved in violent behavior deemed particularly offensive will, at the sole discretion of the league representatives, be expelled from the league.

c.      Any play viewed as an “Intent to Injure” will result in a red card for the player or players executing the play and will be reviewed by the league.


3.    Players & Teams

a.     All players must carry health insurance on their own (or through their company).

b.     All players must sign the waivers required by PA Rush.

c.      All players must sign the Eastern PA Soccer Association’s Assumption and Acknowledgment of Risk agreement.

d.     All players must sign the Eastern PA Soccer Association’s Release of Liability agreement.

e.     All players must be registered with the league and be enrolled on team rosters.  No “guest players” from outside the league are allowed to play in any game.

f.      A team may, however, use a “guest player” from within the league if ALL of the following circumstances are met:

                                               i.     Both captains must agree prior to the start of the game that the “guest player” will be participating in a sanctioned league game.

                                              ii.     The league will be notified that “guest players” were used within 24 hours of the game being played. Preferably, the league is notified before the start of the match.  Captains must name the guest players and which other team the person is registered on for record keeping purposes of the league or risk forfeiture of said game.

g.     If a team uses a “part-time player” as registered in the system, they must notify the league within 24 hours of a game being played.  Failure to report “part-time player” appearances may cause forfeiture of said game.

h.     If a team uses approved “guest players” the result will count toward the league standings.

i.       In the spirit of the league, we request captains use “guest players” only when necessary.  Additionally, we ask that for the integrity of the league, captains try to not stack rosters for important games. 

j.       Captains may use their “part-time players” at the discretion, with each player capped at three appearances. 

k.     If any players are suspended, see Rule 8, they may not be on premises for the suspended game.


4.  Equipment

a.     All team captains are responsible for ensuring their players are wearing the uniforms issued by the league.

b.     All players must wear shinguards.

c.      No player will be allowed on the field while wearing any clothing, jewelry or accessories that has the potential to injure himself or another player. Examples of clothing, jewelry or accessories which will not be allowed include hooded jackets or shirts, eye glasses, watches, necklaces, bracelets, loop earrings, etc.

d.     League equipment (such as corner flags, nets, etc.) used during the season will be returned to its original position or secured place of storage at the end of usage.


5. Reporting of Scores and Cards

a.     The Captains for both teams must report the following items by 10:00 am on Monday after the game through BlueSombrero score entry.

                                               i.     Final score

                                              ii.     Yellow cards (Player’s name, number and reason for issuance)

                                            iii.     Red cards (Player’s name, number and reason for issuance)

b.     The Referee will keep a list of the names of players receiving cards during the game. If a captain is unclear as to who received a card or why the card was issued, they should consult with the referee at the end of the game.


6. Games

a.     Games will be played at the fields as specified on the Game Schedule.

b.     The league will provide two (2) officials to officiate each game.

c.      Both the home team and away teams are responsible to pay the referees at the games. Each team covers 50% of the referees fees. The money for the referees will be supplied by the league.

d.     There will be no rescheduling of games to suit player availability, except within 1 week from releasing the game schedule.

e.     If the required number of players do not show by the official starting time as referenced in Rule 1G, then that team must forfeit. (Reference Rule 1G)

f.      Game will consist of two (2) 40 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

g.     No overtime will be played.  No other tiebreaking methods (such as penalty kicks) will be played.

h.     In the event of an issue with a referee, teams are encouraged to reach out to the league; however, a game will NEVER be overturned due to a referee’s decision.

i.       In the event of inclement weather, we cannot guarantee that a rainout will be rescheduled. However, every effort will be made to do so.

                                               i.     Cancelled games will be rescheduled according to field availability and not according to team availability.

                                              ii.     Captains will be notified via e-mail when games are cancelled. It will also be posted on the website. The league will notify referees when games are cancelled.

                                            iii.     If a game is called in the first half, the match will be replayed. If a game is called in the second half, the game is official.


7. Team Standings

a.     The League Champion will be determined by the team with the most points at the end of the season.  Team standings will be determined by the following point system:

                                               i.     3 points for a win

                                              ii.     1 point for a tie

                                            iii.     0 points for a loss or forfeit

b.     The following tiebreakers will be used if TWO (2) teams are tied at the end of the season:

                                               i.     Record vs each other

                                              ii.     Fewest goals allowed

                                            iii.     Greatest goal differential

                                            iv.     Most goals scored

                                              v.     A single coin toss

c.      The following tiebreakers will be used if THREE OR MORE (3) teams are tied at the end of the season:

                                               i.     Best winning percentage between the teams involved

                                              ii.     Fewest goals allowed

                                            iii.     Greatest goal differential

                                            iv.     Most Goals Scored

d.     If a further tie breaker is still required after the above, a single coin toss will determine the winner

e.     The standings and game results will be posted on the website


8. Review of Cards & Gameplay Implications

a.     Any player receiving a yellow card, must sit out 5 minutes. A player receiving a yellow card cannot be replaced with a substitution. The team will play a player down for 5 minutes. Any player receiving two (2) yellow cards during a game will be immediately ejected from the game and will be suspended for the next game.

b.     Any player issued a red card during a game will be immediately ejected from the game and will be suspended for the next game. If a player is ejected from the game, then the player cannot be replaced with a substitution. The team will play with one less player for the remainder of the game. All red cards will require the referees and team captains to provide an official account of the situation, which will then be reviewed by the league representatives.  If the league representatives feel the scenario warrants a major infraction of league rules, the player may face an additional suspension, such as additional games or removal from the league.

c.      The league representatives may request information regarding any issuance of cards to determine if further penalty is required.  Upon request of information from teams, the captain (or a player designated by the captain) that was uninvolved in the situation must submit an account of the events to the league within 48 hours.  The more detail the better as it will help confirm the various accounts.

                                               i.     Any player receiving four (4) yellow cards or two (2) red cards will likely be expelled from the League, pending review by the league representatives. If a player is “guest playing” on another side, the cards will count toward that player’s official tally.  If they get a red, they will be ineligible for the next game on THEIR OFFICIAL TEAM and be barred from guest playing for at least the next two game weeks.

                                              ii.     Even before receiving the aforementioned totals, the league representatives reserve the right to suspend or expel players from the league if they do not meet the standard etiquette of the league.


9. Disputes

a.     If someone has a serious dispute, please contact PA Rush Soccer ([email protected]) in writing with a description of the event. Please be respectful and show good sportsmanship.

b.     A grievance committee will review all cases where a player has received enough cards to be expelled from the league. The committee will consist of team captains and league officials.


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