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Visiting Teams and Coaches - please review the PA Rush Covid Protocols found HERE, and make sure you share this document with all players and spectators that will be visiting the PA Rush fields. 
Thank You. 

We hope you and your family are well and safe. COVID will pose a risk for everyone for the foreseeable future. Like you, we are continuing to monitor developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak closely. We want to update you on our decision-making process and safety protocols moving forward. It is the position of PA RUSH SOCCER CLUB, hereinafter (“PA RUSH” and/or the “Club”) that the decision to attend “in-person” training is up to each individual player and their families, based on individual circumstances and comfort levels. We ask that you communicate with your coach and share your decision. Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association has helped guide us in creating safety protocols to return to play.  These are extraordinary times that have moved us all to a new normal, and we know youth sports will look differently this year, but we are excited to get the kids back outside and playing soccer.


I.               Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association Return to Play Protocols

These guidelines will provide direction for the immediate re-opening stages upon a county turning Green. The focus for now is on acclimating and reintegrating players, coaches and families. THIS IS A LOCAL, CLUB-BASED RESTART OF TRAINING PLAYERS. Due to the restrictions of no contact, NO OTHER sanctioned soccer activity such as tryouts, scrimmages or other competition is yet to be approved.

The guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the Green Phase still engages in mitigation strategies for COVID-19. It is a cautious and gradual re-opening. Most businesses and programs will operate at limited capacity upon entering the Green Phase. We will be no different. As the Governor and Department of Health provide additional information and guidance beyond the initial opening, we too will expand the opportunities for youth soccer. 

These guidelines were created in consultation with those developed by the US Olympic Committee, US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, the CDC and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is a collection of best practices for carefully moving forward in the COVID-19 world. We encourage you to follow all aspects set forward in this document, but to also implement additional strategies based on the input of these other agencies. 

The conditions during this pandemic have continually evolved and changed weekly, sometimes daily. We know additional information and new guidelines are forthcoming. They will change at any time, so we must be flexible. These guidelines will be updated as necessary. 

This document does not replace the advice or direction of medical professionals. The risks of infection still exists and we must proceed cautiously and continue to monitor and comply with the Governor’s office, PA Department of Health, CDC and any other federal or local regulations.

We recognize that many families and individuals will have reservations about re-opening and reintegrating. We must be respectful, sensitive and flexible to these concerns as we restart. If a parent, child or coach is not comfortable with the return to play, they should not.  

II.               General Hygiene and Safety Protocols – to be followed regardless of which phase pending further notice from the PA Department of Health and CDC

●               Wash hands frequently

●               Have hand sanitizer available for all at all times

●               No sharing of water, snacks or equipment

●               No shaking hands, high fives, fist bump, hugs, etc. …

●               Social distancing = six (6) feet apart

●               No player or coach can attend if they are feeling sick

●               Sick players or coaches must quarantine as required by CDC/PA Dept. of Health.  He or she can only return with a Doctor’s approval and must show notice to the Club.

●               Disinfect all training equipment- cones, goals, flags etc.  Only coaches can touch or move equipment.

●               Coaches to wear a face mask as per CDC/PA Dept. of Health protocols at all times.

●               In working with our legislators, EPYSA gained clarification that athletes are not required to wear face masks during training or competition. However, they must wear them when not engaged in activity. Coaches and spectators must wear the masks and practice social distaining. Distancing is also required of players when not engaged in activity.

●               A player may wear a face mask during activities at the parents’ or player’s discretion.

●               Scrimmage vests washed after every session.  Should consider it personal equipment and provide each player with their own.

●               Each ball sanitized before/after every practice or game.

●               Only one coach may attend to an injured player and the coach must wear a mask and gloves.

●               Contact with other teams before, during and after each session is to be minimized.

This is a general list. PA Department of Health and CDC hygiene and safety protocols which must be followed in all stages.

While we have tried to be thorough with our policies and plans to keep all our players, coaches, and families safe, we will continue to assess how we are complying with current COVID-19 guidelines being issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and EPYSA and we will adjustments our plan as needed.

III.               COVID-19 GUIDELINES

We have used information from public health officials to create these guidelines, but do not and cannot guarantee that communicable diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19, will not be present in a facility.  People actively infected with communicable diseases might be present in a facility. Implementing these guidelines does not guarantee that a person or persons will not contract COVID-19 or other communicable diseases from persons or contact within the facility.

Our hope is by prescreening our players and families and excluding anyone who is symptomatic or may have been exposed, we can lessen the chance of infection at our facilities. Our hope is that by doing this, we create a better sense of safety for all. 


●      All players and parents will receive communication on our safety and action plan before return to play begins.

●      CDC Education materials are attached to this plan and will be shared with all participants (coaches, players, and parents) on behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19, including, but not be limited to, hand hygiene, sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home when appropriate.

●      There will be increased signage throughout all facilities to remind all players, coaches, and spectators to maintain social distancing.

●      Coaches will be educated on how to safely implement appropriate training sessions, and all participants will be required to sign liability waivers in a form as provided by EPYSA and attached hereto as Exhibit 1.




●               Before coming to a PA RUSH Facility:

▪       Check your or the player’s temperature and ask yourself the following questions:

o   Has anyone in your household had a positive COVID-19 test?

o   Has anyone in your household been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

o   Does anyone in your household have a sore throat, cough, new loss of taste or smell?

o   Does anyone in your household have a fever or temperature above 100°?

o   Does anyone in your household have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, have chills or repeated shaking with chills?

o   Does anyone in your household have a headache or muscle pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea?

o   Has anyone in your household travelled internationally or taken a cruise?



▪        Sanitize hands and any equipment being brought to the field.

▪        Dress to be ready to play; no changing will be allowed at the field.

▪        Bring plenty of water; there will be no sharing of water at the field.

▪        Bring hand sanitizer.


●               At the Facility

▪       Coaches are advised to sanitize their hands prior and in between each training session and during water breaks.

▪       Players are also advised to sanitize hands during water breaks.

▪       Any facilities that are accessible during training will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

▪       PA Rush reserves the right to remove a player or coach from training should he/she appear sick.



●               SEE APPENDIX A, incorporated herein by reference.

●               Stage 1 (2-3 weeks)

▪       To reduce the numbers of participants, training groups are limited to 1 Coach to 9 players. No more than 25 persons per field.

▪       There will be a strict adherence to training schedules both regarding time and location.

▪       There will be a 20-minute gap between training sessions.  The first 10 minutes will be used to clear the session that was on the field.  The last 10 minutes will be used to get players onto the field for the next session. 

▪       Upon arrival, all players should remain in their vehicles until the prior session is completely cleared.  Since spectators not permitted, parents must stay in their vehicles if they are remaining at the session.

▪       Coaches may welcome each player as they come to the field but should not make physical contact with the player and should stay a minimum of 6’ away when greeting the player.

▪       Players must place their soccer equipment and water bottle in their designated area only.

▪       Players must then go to and remain in their designated areas during the entire training session to maintain social distancing.  NO CONTACT during training.

▪       Training will consist of individual activities only.  No games or scrimmages.

▪       No league participation permitted.

▪       No shared equipment.  No pinnies.  All players must use their own soccer balls that were sanitized prior to arriving at the session.  Soccer balls should be played with the feet only.

▪       The handling of all training items (i.e., cones, flags, goals etc.) should be limited to coaches and coaches are to sanitize all equipment between sessions.

▪       Adult coaches must wear masks when with participants.  Players are encouraged to wear masks during training sessions.  Players are required, however, to wear masks entering the facility, exiting the facility, and while taking any extended breaks from training.

▪       No spitting or gum chewing.

▪       Portable toilets are closed to parents and players.

Additional detail for Stages 2-4, should any be required, will be added as we progress into those phases.

●      Stage 2 (2-3 weeks)

●      All Hygiene protocols are in effect unless otherwise noted. 2-3 weeks have passed since turning Green, and there have been no significant outbreaks. If reported exposures or a positive case occurs, a club's protocols should be engaged immediately.


▪       County remains Green

▪       Full teams may be integrated for training;

▪       Body contact is allowed in training ;

▪       Scrimmages and friendly games may be played within your club;

▪       Acclimate players to build up towards competitive play. Train appropriately to reduce the risk of injury;

▪       No competitions, i.e. league play or tournaments;

▪       No goal celebrations involving physical contact with others;

▪       No pregame/post game line-ups handshakes or fist bumps;

▪       Spectators allowed at the fields and must comply with social distancing to each other. Same applies to the sideline- maintain six foot distance from Assistant Referee and players; and

▪       Coaches must wear masks with participants.

Allow 2-3 weeks in this stage for players’ acclimating and physical preparedness, as well as continued tracing and tracking purposes as may be necessary.

●      Stage 3 (2-3 weeks)

▪       County remains Green;

▪       Typical pre-season activity may occur;

▪       Scrimmages and friendly games with other clubs in all Green counties permitted;

▪       Local protocols and procedures should be shared with any visiting team;

▪       Play Days with multiple teams/clubs not recommend, but if held responsibly, must be within the limits of public gathering size;

▪       Strongly recommended to stay local;

▪       Limiting travel still recommended;

▪       No inter-state travel permitted. Must stay within Pennsylvania

▪       No league participation permitted

▪       EPYSA sanctioned tournaments within the State of Pennsylvania are permitted


●      Stage 4 (2-3 weeks)

▪       County continues positive progress in Green with most government restrictions lifted;

▪       Eastern Pennsylvania member leagues may operate in full and may accept out of state teams provided they are from an open state and meet that state’s criteria to travel;

▪       Eastern Pennsylvania sanctioned tournaments may operate in full and may accept out of state teams provided they are from an open state and meet that state’s criteria to travel. Also subject to restrictions on public gathering size;

▪       Teams will be permitted to participate in out of state or regional leagues, provided the game will be played in an open state;

▪       Teams will be permitted to participate in out of state tournaments provided the tournament will be played in an open state;

▪       Be advised travel outside of your area is still comes with caution. Limited travel still recommended; and

▪       Social distance of spectators recommended during league games


●     Final Stage

COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health risk and there are no more federal state or local restrictions.


●               We are committed to immediate action and communication to impacted families should we receive word from any of our Club members of COVID-19 infection.

●               Players and coaches must immediately notify the Board of Directors of PA Rush if the player, coach or someone in the player or participant’s household is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID.

●               If we are made aware of a possible symptomatic or positive COVID-19 player or coach, we will immediately contact the Bucks County Department of Health while respecting all CDC and HIPAA requirements regarding confidentiality.



●               For all PA RUSH COVID related policy questions and concerns, the individual named below will serve as the point of contact.


JT DUNN, Board Member


[email protected]


●               Failure to comply with these terms is a breach of our Code of Conduct and will be addressed to the Board for possible disciplinary action



Currently PA Rush is in Stage 4 of the Return to Play initiative. 


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